Tabasco Mexico


Forest Carbon
(using average carbon stock --)
IPCC Measurement Methodology
Deforestation vs. Degradation

Reference Levels and Targets

Average Deforestation Rate
1996 - 2012
Deforestation Reduction Goal for State/Province and REDD Program
for the State/Province and for REDD+ program by --
Tons of CO₂e Avoided Target
by --
Needs Identified to Improve Baseline Definition
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Deforestation Dynamics Monitoring

Are current deforestation rates known?
Deforestation Rate Target
Deforestation Rates
Direct causes include:
1. Increased infrastructure
2.Expansion of the agricultural frontier
3 .Extraction of wood
Indirect causes include:
1. Colonization - Land occupation projects in southern Mexico, by peasants from north and central Mexico in the 1950s.
2. Demographic / migration

3. Economic

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Forest Degradation Dynamics Monitoring

Are current degradation rates known?
Forest Degradation Rates

Forest Carbon Stocks Quantification

Are forest carbon stocks known?
Forest Classes
-- Forest Types Represented by
-- Plots
Above Ground Carbon Stock
-- tC/ha
Below Ground Carbon Stock
-- tC/ha
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