Tocantins Brazil


Tocantins relies on the Monitoring and Management of Environmental Information - MONIT, which is committed to planning, elaborating and structuring information and data pertinent to the issue of loss of vegetation cover, scars from fires / fires and environmental emergencies, water use and licensed activities. Management feeds the Geotocantins Database continuously, as well as other geospatial data socialization platforms.

In addition, the Government also opposes with the Information Management and Environmental Intelligence, which has as competencies (I) to participate in the elaboration, structuring and integration of Environmental Management Systems; (Ii) maintain and supply the structure of the environmental and geographic database; (III) to manage the Center for Intelligence in Environmental Management; (Iv) to disclose the environmental data existing in the state; (V) maintain the geoprocessing core for State Environmental Management; (VI) to design, coordinate and oversee projects for the structuring of management and CIGMA; (VII) implement the Rural Environmental Registry - CAR in the state; (VIII) to participate in the execution of the CAR - Tocantins Legal - Fundo Amazônia / BNDES project.

17M MtC

Reference Levels and Targets

2015 - 2020

Deforestation Dynamics Monitoring


a.These are the goals set forth in the Rio Branco Declaration provided that adequate, sufficient, and long-term performance-based funding is available


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2.Rio Branco Declaration based on national FREL 2010-2015
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