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Since 2011, with funding from the Norwegian government and since 2013 under the MREDD + project with funds from the USA, Mexico has developed a forest monitoring and measurement system for REDD+. The system uses information from the National Forest and Soil Inventory (NFYS) and activity data generated with Madmex (Monitoring Activity Data for the Mexican REDD + program ). The purpose of the latter is to provide the possibility of processing the large amounts of data involved in a reasonable amount of time. A joint strategy is being facilitated so that Mexico, through CONAFOR, can generate MRV reports with an institutionalized and implemented system in the cloud, with wide availability to support decision-making in federal institutions and federal and state secretaries.

The National REDD+ Strategy of Mexico (ENAREDD+) points out that reference levels and the Monitoring and Verification Monitoring System (MRV) at the state and national levels should be carried out in a coordinated and integrated manner through the National MRV System; This is achieved through participation in the process of REDD + states in Mexico, including Campeche, to implement technical collaboration schemes and information exchange to improve databases and methodologies for use at the state level.

REDD+ Strategy of the State of Campeche (EREDD+ CAM ) incorporates within the monitoring, reporting and verification component (MRV), a monitoring system that allows measuring the potential risk of displacement, as well as ensuring the nesting of the state REDD+ MRV system with national systems and registers.

For its part, the Investment Program (PDI) of Campeche within the IRE, considers displacement as one of the risks to mitigate through measures according to the cause of deforestation / degradation. The community territorial ordinances (OTC) are an important part to address the identified risks.

During the process of preparation of REDD + in Mexico, the Government of the State of Campeche has participated with a group of entities in a process of capacity building with CONAFOR, for the subject of MRV between the Federation and the States, in order to identify gaps in subnational  capacities.

CONAFOR and the Government of the State of Campeche published the State Forest and Soil Inventory of Campeche in 2015, and Campeche, along with Quintana Roo and Yucatán, promote a platform for monitoring and an early warning system in the Yucatan Peninsula, the Observatory of the Selva Maya (OSM), which considers measuring risks by reversion and displacement of emissions, linked to fires and productive activities, among other issues.

216M MtC

Reference Levels and Targets

2016 - 2020

Deforestation Dynamics Monitoring


a.These are the goals set forth in the Rio Branco Declaration provided that adequate, sufficient, and long-term performance-based funding is available


1.Rio Branco Declaration based on National FREL