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The monitoring of forests, as well as their emissions, continue to be isolated actions. However, thanks to the elaboration of public policy instruments such as POERTEO, the state is providing guidance on technical elements such as tracking deforestation rates and requiring different sectors to report their progress in the conservation, recovery, and management of forests.

Another document that has provided relevant information is the State Inventory of Forests and Soils (IEFyS) and a State Greenhouse Gas Inventory (IEGEI). Forest Management Units (UMAFORES), provide communities and ejidos with a framework for monitoring in areas with forest management programs that serve as assessments for forest carbon sequestration. In addition, the preparation of the State Strategy REDD + aims to create and consolidate the State Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification System, of the activities of the AFOLU sector, aligned and nested to the National MRV System.At the inter-institutional level, the Working Group for Monitoring Reporting and Verification (GT MRV) has been created. Its objective is to be a permanent technical-scientific body, composed of members of the public and private social sector, specialized in monitoring, reporting, and verification of GHG emissions from the AFOLU sector, through the development of three work axes, emission factors, activity and inventory data, reference level and reporting, to strengthen REDD + actions. The members, according to the Climate Change Law for Oaxaca, are people with a recognized track record and their participation in the MRV GT is in a personal and honorary capacity.

One of its functions is to guarantee the creation and operation of the MRV system of the EEREDD + Oaxaca, which will be able to estimate: i) GHG removals by forest sinks, ii) biomass and forest carbon stores and iii) changes in the forest cover.

87M MtC

Reference Levels and Targets


Deforestation Dynamics Monitoring


a.These are the goals set forth in the Rio Branco Declaration provided that adequate, sufficient, and long-term performance-based funding is available