Yucatán Mexico


Mexico currently has a proposal to measure and monitor changes in forest cover, through the National Monitoring, Registration and Verification System (SNMRV, created in July 2015), developed and implemented by the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR), which is developing products and national protocols for activity data and emission factors. It is envisaged that this system will receive feedback from state experts to incorporate local data, develop state methodologies and make other types of improvements, so as to ensure coherence and transparency in the estimation of emissions between the states and national emissions.

To align itself with the SNMRV, the government of Yucatan has contemplated the creation of the State Forestry Information System (SEIF) that will have, as one of its objectives, the dissemination of information on forestry matters in the state. This system will be supported by a Monitoring, Reporting and Verification Working Group of Yucatán (GT-MRV Yucatán), which will be made up of specialists in activity data, emission factors and greenhouse gas inventories, in order to provide feedback and participate in the development of the components of the State MRV system.

71M MtC

Reference Levels and Targets

2016 - 2020

Deforestation Dynamics Monitoring


a.These are the goals set forth in the Rio Branco Declaration provided that adequate, sufficient, and long-term performance-based funding is available


1.Rio Branco Declaration based on National FREL