Huánuco Peru


Land use change data used by Huanuco is collected thorugh the national forests monitoring system, Geobosques. FAO assists countries in the identification and collection of activity data for their relevant REDD + activities. For example, data on deforestation, afforestation and reforestation are usually collected through satellite data and the changes can be followed through a satellite earth monitoring system (SSMT).FAO provides support and facilitates national processes to develop capacities to conceptualize, design and implement a national SSVT forforestryandto track your changes.This information is the basis for the entry of data into national greenhouse gas inventories and the reporting of REDD + results.Information about forest areas and their changes from the SSVT can also contribute to national efforts to improve forest management.

Peru has been implementing the Forest Coverage Monitoring Module under a phased approach and has started to monitor the Amazon rainforest, quantifying only the emissions linked to deforestation.

108M MtC

Reference Levels and Targets

1.17 MtCO₂eq

Deforestation Dynamics Monitoring


a.These are the goals set forth in the Rio Branco Declaration provided that adequate, sufficient, and long-term performance-based funding is available


1.Rio Branco Declaration based on national FREL
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