Maranhão Brazil

Policies and Strategies

Plan for Prevention and Control of Deforestation (PPCD) - Maranhao's PPCD was formalized in 2011 through Decree 27.317. For each planning and execution period, the Plan indicate areas of
intervention priorities, centered on four thematic areas:Regularization and Land Planning, Monitoring and Control, Promoting Sustainable Activities, and Governance, Information Management and Transparency.

Laws and Regulations

Law No. 10.595 of 24/5/2017 -  Creates the "Maranhão Verde" Programme, aimed at promoting and developing projects to support conservation and environmental recovery. 

Law 10.444 of 05/05/2016 - Establishes the State Policy for Technical Assistance and Rural Extension for Agriculture Family and Agrarian Reform - PEATER / MA and the State Assistance Technical Program and Rural Extension for Family Agriculture and Agrarian Reform - PROATER / MA in the State of Maranhão

Law 10316 17/09/2015 - Establishes the Ecological-Economic Macrozoneamento of the State of Maranhão and makes other provisions.

Law 9,412 of 13/07/2011 - Regulates Environmental Compensation within the State of Maranhão.

Law No. 9,413 of 13/07/2011 - establishes the System State of Nature Conservation Units of Maranhão and makes other provisions

Law 5.405 of 1992 - establishes the Code of Protection of the Environment and State System of Environment and the appropriate use of resources in the State of Maranhão.

Secretary of Environment (SEMA) - Plans and coordinated the implementation of policies related to the promotion, organization, regulation, control and control of actions related to the exploration and preservation of the environment and natural resources.
SEMA has three Secretariats  (Sustainable Development, Licensing, Environmental Resources) and nine Superintendents (Water Resources, Environmental Licenses, Biodiversity and Protected Areas, Forest Resources, Waste Management, Green Economy, Environmental Education, Surveillance, Planning and Monitoring)

Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries- SAGRIMA - promotes the sustainable development of agribusiness productive chains, through programmed actions aimed at increasing the production and productivity of grains, vegetable and animal protein and fiber, productive infrastructure, agricultural protection and defense, fishing and aquaculture, and establishing mechanisms to guide the decisions of economic agents, producers, traders, importers and others, in the alternative allocation of resources, and to develop and correct market failures.

Ecological and Economic Zoning (Zoneamento Ecológico-Econômico – ZEE) is required by the Federal Government to designate areas for economic and conservation activities within each state’s territory. In Maranhao the ZEE is coordinated by the State Secretariat for Planning and Budget (Seplan) and is used as a planning tool to be institutionalized to guide the State's Sustainable Strategic Planning. SEPLAN and Emprapa coordinated to develop a Macro ZEE in 2014 at a scale of 1: 1,000,000.  Following public consultation the plan was approved by the state assembly state through law No. 10,316 of September 17, 2015.  The plan has been validated by the federal government.

The executive summary of the 2014 plan is available here.  Additional information can be found on the SEPLAN website