Aceh Indonesia

Policies and Strategies

Provincial REDD+ Action Plan (SRAP) - formalized on 21 January 2014 through Governor Regulation 3

Provincial Action Plan for the Reduction of GHG emissions (RAD-GRK) - Completed in 2011, the RAD-GRK provides a medium term action plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions across sectors in Aceh through 2020.

Provincial long-term development plan (Rencana Pembangunan Jangka Panjang Daerah - RPJPD) - The RPJPD is a long-term development planning document for 20 years, from 2005 to 2025.  It contains the vision, mission and direction of development in the province.

Aceh Moratorium on Logging- A fundamental policy enabling forest protection, the moratorium is founded on the principles of ‘redesign’, ‘reforestation’ and ‘reduction of forest degradation’.

Aceh Forestry Policy Redesign / TIPERESKA - Under this policy the TIPERESKA team is focusing on three main elements, these being: spatial planning, responsibilities / rights of the provincial government and institutional development. This team is responsible for providing recommendations for spatial planning, evaluation of concession permits and establishment of required task forces for the redesign of Aceh forestry policy.  

Policy and Strategy on Reforestation in Aceh Province - First priority on revitalizing community plantation forestry. Secondary focus is on reforestation of degraded and marginal land.  

Policy and Strategy on Law Enforcement Aceh - Continuous strategy involving relevant stakeholders undertaken on areas with a high risk of degradation and deforestation.

Policy on Evaluation on Forest Permits & Licenses Aceh - Focusing on the integration of all active licensed activities (including oil palm and mining) and evaluation of competency and cooperation. Results of this evaluation will become a reference for minimum investment and responsibilities for future concession holders.

Policy on Forest Protection and Conflict Resolution Systems Aceh - Forest protection system is being developed across three levels of Government, namely: Forestry Police in the Department of Forestry working with forest-crime units for training and operations, Forest Guard / Rangers whose function it is to patrol forest borders and Community Rangers, whose responsibility lies to protect that forest in the immediate vicinity of their villages. 

Laws and Regulations

Governor Regulation 20/2013 on formation of technical implementation unit in the forestry agency that implements the activities in the forestry sector related to climate change.

Governor Regulation 85/2012 on the GHG emission reduction action plans as part of the national GHG emission reduction plans.

Governor Decree 050/717/2012 on formation of Aceh REDD+ task force which coordinates the REDD+ related activities.

Governor Decree 522/372/2009 - on decision to set aside Ulu Masen area as emission reduction strategic area from deforestation and forest degradation.

Council on Climate Change - is a coodination body chaired by the Governor and composed of representatives of different agencies that related to land uses and climate change. The council also works with different stakeholders that engage in the accomplishment of the action plans to reduce GHG emissions.

Provincial Forestry Agency - manages and oversees the forestry sector related issues, including policy formulation.

Plantation Agency - controls the non-forest areas land use, plan, and issuance of the permits.

Environmental Agency - has authority related to the protection and management of environment, including climate change related issues.

BAPPEDA - the Provincial Development Planning Agency that coordinates on the policy formulation of the regional development planning with sustainable development and low carbon as the basis.

Aceh Spatial Plan (RTRWA): In the governmental context, sustainable development vision should be referred to in the planning and implementation of Aceh future development. Provincial laws (local term: qanun) on spatial plan and on long-term development plan currently being discussed by the provincial legislature are designed based on the principles of sustainable and just natural resource management to generate benefits for Aceh communities. The Aceh Province Spatial Plan is based on the provincial bylaw 19/2013 that covers 2013 to 2033.  The spatial plan has not been approved by the national government.