Campeche Mexico

Strategies and Policies

State Action Plan on Climate Change - Campeche's State Action Plan on Climate Change outlines its vision through 2030, including conserving, restoring and managing ecosystems.  The action plan aims to have 80% of its territory under protection by 2030, turn the LULCF sector to carbon positive (absorbing 2,000,000 tc02eq), and increase investment in mitigation activities.

State REDD+ Strategy (EE-REDD+) - Campeche is the only GCF state in Mexico to have a finalized REDD+ strategy (EEREDD +), which was published in 2015.

Laws and Regulations

Decree 271 2/10/2009 Law that Creates the State Forestry Commission - Establishes general guidelines for the conservation, protection, and sustainable management of forests in Campeche while establishing the State Forestry Commission and State Forestry State Forestry Program.

Decree 145  3/7/2008 State Law on Sustainable Forest Development - Serves to regulate and promote the conservation, protection, restoration, management and use of forest resources; establishes the state forest inventory; and provides provisions for the organization and training of farmers and promotion of investments needed to encourage sustainable forest development in the State of Campeche.

Decree 182 8/12/2002 Wildlife Act of the State of Campeche - Establishes standards for the protection and conservation of wildlife habitat, in accordance with the General Wildlife law.

Environment and Natural Resources Secretariat of Campeche (SEMARNAT) - Promotes sustainable development and promotes the protection, restoration and conservation of natural resources. Responsible for implementing REDD+.

Sustainable Development Secretariat (SMAAS) of the State Government of Campeche - Responsible for forest management, control of fires, management of protected areas and indigenous territories, forest/deforestation monitoring.

Rural Development Secretariat of Campeche (SDR) - Oversees activities in the agricultural sector and promotes sustainable rural development

Procuraduria Ambiental (PROFEPA) - Oversees law enforcement

REDD+ Technical Advisory Council (CTC) for the State of Campeche

The CTC allows the integration of producers and representatives of the social base and civil organization including academic sectors, civil associations and NGOs, and consult the projects and programs in the design and construction of the State Strategy REDD + of Campeche.

The CTC designed a State Council on REDD +, which will boost efforts in Campeche to build the State's REDD + Strategy and Vision, and give strength to the programs and actions promoted by government authorities including the Coffee Agenda and White Agenda of the Economic and Regional Sectorial Committee of the Forest, formed within the Planning Committee for the Development of the State of Campeche (COPLADECAM), the highest state planning body.

In Campeche ecological zoning (Ordenamiento Ecológico)  is an environmental policy tool used to regulate land use, protect the environment, and preserve the sustainable use of natural resources.  Zoning is carried out at the municipal level, with plans completed for Calakmul, Campeche, and Champoton.