Jalisco Mexico

Strategies and Policies

State Program for Action on Climate Change - Jalisco’s State Program on Climate Change was established in 2015 through Decree 25419.The program aims to confront the adverse effects of climate change that are currently occurring and prepare for future impacts, identify the studies needed to define mitigation goals and the needs of the State to build and foster adaptation and mitigation capacities, move towards a sustainable, competitive economy with low greenhouse gas emissions, and be an instrument to safeguard the health and safety of the population, the territory, productive activities and ecosystems.

FCPF Carbon Fund Investment Program – Through Mexico’s Emissions Reduction Initiative implemented under the framework of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility, Jalisco has developed four investment programs to reduce deforestation.

State REDD+ Strategy (EEREDD+) – Jalisco is in the process of finalizing its State REDD+ Strategy in 2017, which is coordinated by the state Technical Advisory Committee for the Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Forest degradation (CTC REDD+).Jalisco State REDD + Strategy seeks to guarantee transparency and maximize environmental and social benefits.

Laws and Regulations

Decree 21657 21/12/2006 Sustainable Rural Development Law- Provides guidelines for planning, implementing and evaluating of sustainable rural development project with a focus on agricultural and economic support measures for agriculture and training for farmers.

Decree 25419 27/9/2015 State Climate Action Law - Defines the strategy of addressing climate change in Jalisco and references actions to reduce deforestation and forest degradation in collaboration with the national government, enhance capacity and data systems related to deforestation, and identify priority areas for restoration.

Decree 20553 20/8/2004 Sustainable Forest Development Law - Promotes the conservation, protection, restoration, production, cultivation, management and utilization of forest ecosystems in the State of Jalisco.

Environment and Territorial Development Secretariat (SEMADET) - Designs policies, strategies, measures and actions to tackle climate change in the state

Forestry Directorate of SEMADET - Coordinates MRV, and REDD+ strategy through the REDD+, Mitigation and Adaptation Working Groups, and the Interinstitutional Commission for Action against Climate Change in the State of Jalisco

Rural Development Secretariat (SEDER) -Designs programs and policies related to agricultural development

REDD+ Working Group of the CICC - Inter-institutional platform developed to validate the Investment Programs to reduce deforestation, consisting of more than a dozen state secretaries.