Yucatán Mexico

Strategies and Policies

State Climate Action Plan (PEACC)– Approved through Decree 176 on 26/5/2014.  The Plan references the development of a regional strategy to reduce deforestation and highlights restoring degraded lands and promoting sustainable livestock production as a key strategy for reducing deforestation in the state.

It establishes the roadmap through 2030 for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to the impacts of climate change. It presents a sector analysis of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions, among which it points to the sector of land use, land use change and forestry as the third main emitter of GHG in the State, with a total of 1,334,300 Ton CO₂e issued annually representing 13% of the state total.

PEACC also provides for mitigation in order to promote the low emission development and conservation of the carbon sink potential of protected natural areas of the State, strategies and lines of action aimed at the sustainable management of agricultural soils, The improvement of vegetation cover in grazing lands, the promotion of agroforestry systems and conservation agriculture, the promotion of reforestation, sustainable forest management, among others.

State Development Plan – Plan providing a framework for the strategic development of Yucatan State from 2012-2018.

FCPF Carbon Fund Investment Program – Yucatánhas developed an investment program to reduce deforestation through Mexico’s Emissions Reduction Initiative implemented under the framework of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility.

State REDD+ strategy (EEREDD+)Yucatán is in the process of finalizing it’s state REDD+ Strategy which includes objectives of

  • Define the legal, institutional and programmatic framework in which the State REDD + Strategy is registered.
  • Identify with the local authorities, associations and civil society the lines of action to be developed in the territory that will lead to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation.
  • Identify the lines of action to build a state financial mechanism for REDD + and for      the distribution of benefits obtained from the reduction of emissions.
  • Identify the lines of action that the state will promote to join the national system of      Measurement, Reporting and Verification.
  • Identify the actions that provide the conditions in the state to address and respect social and environmental safeguards.

Laws and Regulations

Decree 466 8/6/2017 - Law establishing sustainable forest development in the state of Yucatan.

Decree 39 15/2/2013 Sustainable Rural Development Law - Promotes an integrated development framework for rural areas in the state and regulates the planning and organization of agricultural development in the states.

Decree 402 19/5/2011 - Law for the Protection of Fauna of the State of Yucatan - Establishes the normative bases for the protection and the natural development of the fauna that are in the State of Yucatan.

Decree 333 25/5/2010 Environmental Protection Law - Outlines the states environmental policy instruments and defines institutional arrangements for the protection and management of environmental resources in Yucatan.  in lieu of a forestry law the Environmental Law governs sustainable forestry development and protected areas.

Decree 297 3/6/2010 2010 Establishing the Inter-Secretariat Commission on Climate Change of Yucatán – Establishes the commissions purpose to coordinate the actions of the agencies and entities of the State Public Administration related to the formulation and implementation of public policies for the prevention and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to reduce the vulnerability of adverse impacts of climate change in Yucatan.

Decree 96 14/7/2008Creating the Forest Council of the State of Yucatán – This decree establishes the Forestry Council of the State of Yucatan as an institution of consultation, advice and agreement that has the purpose of contributing to the planning, supervision and evaluation of the policies of exploitation, conservation and restoration of the forest resources of the State of Yucatan.

Decree 793 26/7/2007– Formalizes the Ecological and Territorial Ordering Program of the State of Yucatán (POETY)

Decree 125 30/6/1995 Law of Human Settlements of the State of Yucatan - Law that establishes the norms according to which the State and the municipalities will participate in the organization and regulation of human settlements.

Rural Development Secretariat of Yucatán - Responsible for planning related to agriculture and forestry, including extension services for local producers.

Urban Development and Environment Secretariat (SEDUMA) - Responsible for developing and implementing environmental policy, overseeing natural resources management and conservation and promoting protected areas.  Responsible for addressing drivers of deforestation and implementing REDD+.

Forest Council of the State of Yucatán - On September 12, 2008, the Forest Council of the State of Yucatan whose objectives include: Assist in the formulation of the State's forestry policy, based on the guidelines established by the State Development Plan.; Prepare the Forestry State Program project and submit it to the Executive Power Holder for review and approval, as appropriate; Promote coordination between government orders and sectors of society and encourage their participation in the actions carried out for the conservation and restoration of forest resources; Promote coordination with the Councils for Sustainable Rural Development; Issue an opinion regarding forest management programs and changes in land use in forest lands; among other duties.

State Intersecretarial Climate Change Commission (CIClima)- Inter-institutional platform developed to validate the Investment Programs to reduce deforestation. Comprised of Secretary of Budget and Planning, Secretary of Health, Secretary of Education, Secretary of Community and Social Policy, Secretary of Public Works, Secretary of Economic Development, Secretary of Tourism Promotion, Secretary of Promotion of Agriculture and Fisheries and Secretary of Urban Development and the Environment.

Yucatan’s statewide zoning seeks to protect the environment and promote the preservation and sustainable use of natural resources.The statewide terrestrial zoning was completed in 2007 and formalized through Decree 792 on 26/7/2007. Deforestation is mentioned as one of the top 5 environmental concerns for the state.

Mexico has explicit REDD + safeguards and the National REDD + Strategy (ENAREDD +). It is considering the development of a National Safeguards System (SNS) and a Safeguards Information System to follow up, report on, and ensure compliance.

According to the latest progress made on the articulation of the NHS, there is currently a national interpretation of REDD + safeguards and there is a well-defined Legal Framework, Institutional Framework and Compliance Framework.