Amazonas Peru

Strategies and Policies

Regional Plan of Environmental Action 2014-2021The plan is an instrument of long-term regional environmental planning, formulated from the regional environmental diagnosis and based on the axes of the National Environmental Policy: Conservation and sustainable use of resources and biological diversity, integral management of environmental quality, environmental governance and international environmental commitments and opportunities.
The Regional Plan of Environmental Action 2014-2021 contains the strategic axes, objectives, indicators, actions, baseline of 2012, goals to 2017 and 2021, as well as the scope and responsible institutions.Each of these goals can be achieved through strategic actions and activities that will be carried out by the responsible entities and the society as a whole in the Regional and Local Government, which will be evaluated through environmental indicators, under the supervision of the Regional Environmental Authority.

Regional Environmental Policy – This policy is an instrument of environmental management, prepared taking into account the analysis of the environmental situation of the Amazon region. It constitutes the basis for the conservation of the environment, in such a way as to promote and ensure the sustainable and responsible use of natural resources and the environment that sustains them, to contribute to the integral, social, economic and cultural development of people.

Regional Strategy for Climate Change of the Amazonas - completed in 2008 and formalized through Regional Ordinance No. 223. The need to control migratory agriculture and unplanned settlements is highlighted, and support for the development of institutional capacities is noted as a key priority.

Laws and Regulations

Ordinance No. 00397/2017- Approves the Regional Environmental Agenda for the period 2017-2018, with a focus on three topics: policy, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity, and integrated management and environmental governance.

Ordinance No. 00366/2015Ordinance updating the regional system of environmental management in the region of Amazonas

Regional Ordinance 362/2015 - institutionalizes the Community Forest Management Platform of the Amazon Region (PMFC) as a space for dialogue, consensus and permanent promotion of the sustainable management of forests on lands of native communities in the region.

Regulation of Organization and Functions - Regional Environment Authority 2015 - Defines the structure and responsibility of the Regional Environment Authority. It highlights the authority of the ARA in the implementation of policies, strategies, programs and plans in the field of territorial planning, sustainable management of natural resources, conservation of biodiversity and protection of the public environment.

Ordinance No. 00364/2014Ordinance approving the regional plan of environmental action 2014-2020

Regional Ordinance No. 354/2014 – Ordinance approving the Regional Environmental Diagnosis 2012-2021 and the Amazonas Regional Environmental Policy 

Ordinance No. 00327/2013 Ordinance formalizing the creation of regional environmental authority (ARA) and promulgating the regulation of the organization and its functions.

Ministerial Resolution 0696/2010 - Transfers forest management functions for the regional government of Amazonas.

Ordinance 223/2008 - Regional Strategy for Climate Change -The Amazon Climate Change Strategy highlights the need to control migratory agriculture and unplanned settlements and to develop and support institutions to control deforestation.

Ordinance No. 00023/2007 – Creates the Regional Environmental Information System – SIAR – of Amazonas, as the environmental management instrument, aimed at concentrating the environmental information of the Amazon Region

Regional Environmental Authority - environmental authority, territorial organization and sustainable management of natural resources, within the regional scope, with technical and regulatory autonomy

Regional Agrarian Direction - The Amazonas Regional Agrarian Bureau, a subsidiary of the Regional Government of Amazonas, through the Regional Economic Development Management, has the institutional mission of "Promoting the development of organized agricultural producers in value chains or productive chains and contributing to improve the conditions of life of our rural settlers through activities of promotion, training and dissemination of agricultural statistical information and to achieve a sustainable economic, social and environmental agriculture

Amazonas completed a regional zoning plan in 2010.The plan seeks to identify the potential and limitations of the territory and its natural resources. It is a tool to support the formulation of policies, plans and programs aimed at sustainable development of the region. The study was elaborated at the macrozonation level, using a scale of work of 1: 250,000 and a publication scale of 1: 500,000.