San Martín Peru

Strategies and Policies

Plan of Regional Development San Martín – 2021 - The Agreed Regional Development Plan is a management tool for the development of San Martin. The plan outlines the aspiration of San Martin to achieve INTEGRATED AND BALANCED DEVELOPMENT, with reduction of inequalities. The plan highlights and environmental priority of promoting the conservation and recovery of forest resources, and a vision of a region where natural resources are used sustainably, having controlled deforestation, and promoting the conservation and reforestation of forests; society as a whole contributes to an efficient management of environment, allowing preventive action and mitigating the effects of the climate change.

Regional Environmental Action Plan 2013-2021 – governance and planning tool across seven environmental sectors, including biodiversity, forests, and climate change. 

Laws and Regulations

Regional Ordinance 21/2017 - Updates the Regulation of Organization and Functions (ROF) the regulation formalizes the creation of the regional environmental authority (ARA) and promulgates the regulation of the organization and functions.

For example, the structure and responsibility of the ARA is defined and highlights the authority of the ARA in the implementation of policies, strategies, programs and plans in the field of territorial planning, sustainable management of natural resources, conservation of biodiversity and the protection of the public environment.

Ordinance 17/2015 - Formalizing the regional development plan for 2020.

Decree 34/2014 - Declares of regional priority the implementation of the technological and institutional platform for the management of geospatial and cartographic information called Spatial Data Infrastructure and instructs the General Management of the Regional Government to authorize the Planning and Budget Management the prioritization and allocation of a budget line item to the Regional Environmental Authority,

Ordinance 30/2014 – Creates and Implements the Regional System of Compensation for Ecosystem Services (SIRRSE-SM), as a strategic component in the implementation of the Regional Territorial Policy of San Martín.Place authority of implementation and administration with the Regional Environmental Authority through the Executive Management of Territorial Management and the Executive Direction of Administration and Conservation of Natural Resources.

Ordinance 23/2014 - Declares of regional interest the measures related to the reduction of emissions from deforestation and degradation of forests and the environmental and social safeguards and creates the Regional Committee of Safeguards of San Martín, to guarantee the balanced participation of the actors in the identification, establishment and reporting of environmental and social safeguards for the reduction of emissions derived from

Decree 1/2014 - Approves the "Regulation of the Regional System of Environmental Information of San Martín - SIAR SAN MARTÍN".

Decree 2/2014 – Establishes the process to obtain environmental certification of public investment projects prepared by the Regional Government of San Martin

Ordinance 22/2014 – Ordinance creating the Technical Group of the Regional Climate Change Strategy.The Climate Change Strategy for San Martin has not yet been approved.

Ordinance 16/2014 - Creates the Regional Environmental Information System of San Martin - SIAR - San Martin, as an environmental management instrument established in the Regional Environmental Management System,

Ordinance 11/2014 - Approve the update of the Regional Environmental Action Plan 2013-2021 in seventy two (72) pages, which contains the situational diagnosis, the vision of the region in environmental matters, the objectives, the priority goals to 2021, the strategic actions by goals prioritized and compliance with the Regional Territorial Policy and Concerted Development Plan of the department of San Martín.

Ordinance 37/2010 - Establishes the Regional Environmental Authority of the State of San Martín.

Ministerial Resolution 519 / 2009 - Transfers forest management functions for the regional government of San Martín.

Regional Decree 2/2009 - Regional Decree approving the regulation for the application of the Ecological Economic Zoning - ZEE of the Department of San Martín

Regional Environmental Authority of San Martin (ARA) is responsible for public policy in the area of natural resources, the environment and land use. Your account with 24 functions that are delegated by means assigned by Regional Ordinance No. 037-2010 - GRSM / CR.
In order to achieve its objectives, the ARA has developed an environmental management structure through specialized bodies: Executive Directorate of Strategic Environmental Management, General Management of Natural Resources Management and Conservation and the Executive Management of Territorial Management.

Regional Directorate of Production - institution within the Regional Management of Economic Development responsible for formulating, adapting, implementing, monitoring and evaluating compliance with the public policies of the sector in the field of Industry, Fisheries and Aquaculture in the regional scope. For this purpose, it is responsible for directing, executing, supervising, coordinating, managing and controlling the technical processes related to these matters in the department, in accordance with the provisions established by the Economic Development Management.

San Martin has also created the Regional Department of Economic Development and Regional Directorates of Agriculture and Production that are involved in the supervision of activities related to the change of land use.

Regional Directorate of Agriculture (DRASAM)- institution within the Regional Management of Economic Development responsible for formulating, adapting, implementing, controlling and evaluating the public policies of the sector in matters of agricultural development in the regional sphere.
For this purpose, it is responsible for directing, executing, supervising, coordinating, managing and controlling the technical processes related to agriculture, in accordance with the corresponding competencies of the Regional Government and the provisions established by the Regional Management of Economic Development.

San Martin approved its regional economic and ecological zoning (ZEE) plan in in 20016, through Regional Ordinance Nº 012-2006-GRSM-CR.  The zoning plan was completed at a scale of 1/250 000 and both the zoning study and map are available for download. 

San martin Developed a Regional Committee of Safeguards of San Martín through Ordinance 23/2014