Amapá Brazil

Agreement signed in 2014 as IBGE and the Brazilian Army to develop the 'Cartographic base and geodetic network of Amapá', which consists of radar detection on 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 scales. The generation of improved strategic mapping information will bring great benefits to Amapá. For the theme of land use change it has fundamental importance and is serving as the basis for the development of a monitoring system more suitable at conditions of Amapá, which is located in an area with high cloud coverage throughout the year making satellite imagery unfeasible.

PartnersIBGE and the Army Brasileiro
Funding SourceGovernment of the State of Amapá Amapá / BNDES: Integrated Regional Human Development - PDRI
Funding Amount2,500,000
Initiative TypePublic Partnership
Initiative StatusUnder Implementation

The REDD + project for the Guianas shield aims to implement a regional and technical platform for the development of REDD + in the Guiana Shield, improving the environmental capital of the Guiana Shield. The project established technical dialogue between Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and Amapá and was able to coordinate joint studies for the region of the Guiana shields.

PartnersONFI (France), GFC (Guyana), IEF (Brazil), SBB (Suriname)
Funding SourceThe European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) and the Regional Council of French Guiana
Funding Amount2,700,000
Initiative TypeTechnical Assistance Partnership
Initiative StatusCompleted - Second Phase under Consultation

The mechanism used by the Amapá Fund is endowment type, where the main resource is permanent and has the function of generating continuous income. These proceeds will be applied to projects of consolidation, maintenance, management and sustainable production in the Conservation Units and will benefit associations of extractivists, managers, fishermen and, in the future, also indigenous communities. Benefiting traditional and local populations, the Amapá Fund will provide welfare support to thousands of families living in the state.

PartnersConservation International - Brazil and Funbio
Funding SourceCI through the Global Conservation Fund (GCF)
Funding AmountBRL 5 million
Initiative TypeEndowment fund
Initiative StatusUnder Implementation

Rural Development Fund of the State of Amapá - FRAP was created by State Law No. 0039, of December 11, 1992. Its objective is to finance the activities of Agriculture, Plant Extractivists, Agroindustrial and Artisanal Fisheries, within the private sector, helping to promote the economic and social development of the State of Amapá.

PartnersState governor
Initiative TypeFinancial Mechanisms

ARPA finances the conservation of tropical forests linked to the conservation units in Brazil

PartnersFederal Government, coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment, managed financially by FUNBIO (Brazilian Biodiversity Fund) and financed with resources from the Government of Germany's Global Environment Facility (GEF) - through the German Development Bank (KfW) of the WWF Network - through WWF-Brazil, and the Amazon Fund, through BNDES
Funding SourceFUNBIO, Alehmana, GEF
Initiative Typefinancial mechanisms

The project will train environmental agents and managers so as to strengthen the protected areas in the state of Amapá.  The project will work with managers involved in implementing public policies for Conservation Units (Master course) and those living in these units and in the surrounding areas (training course for environmental agents).

PartnersAmazon Conservation Team (ECAM)
Funding SourceAmazon Fund/BNDES
Funding AmountUSD 608,294.93
Initiative TypeProtected Areas
Initiative StatusContracted

To strengthen the honey from native bees supply chain in traditional communities in the municipalities of Curuçá, Almeirim and Monte Alegre in the State of Pará and in the municipalities of Macapá and Oiapoque, in the State of Amapá, in order to provide a sustainable economic alternative to deforestation. The Project will work with 30 rural communities – quilombos, indigenous peoples, riverside and extraction communities – comprising an estimated target audience of 310 producers in traditional communities in the municipalities of Curuçá, Almeirim and Monte Alegre, in the state of Pará, and in Macapá and Oiapoque, in the state of Amapá

PartnersPeabiru Institute
Funding SourceAmazon Fund/BNDES
Funding AmountUSD 915,899.66
Initiative TypeAmazon's Nrctar
Initiative StatusContracted

To foster sustainable territorial and environmental management in six TIs in the states of Amapá and Pará, helping reduce deforestation in these areas.  The project works with approximately 8,800 indigenous people and 60 technicians at public institutions in six indigenous lands (TI) partially located in three municipalities in the state of Amapá and five municipalities in the state of Pará

PartnersEnvironmental Conservation Institute – The Nature Conservancy of Brazil (TNC Brazil)
Funding SourceBNDES/Amazon Fund
Funding AmountUSD 6,730,655.10
Initiative TypeIndigenous Peoples
Initiative StatusContracted