Pastaza Ecuador

The Pastaza Sustainable Development Ecological Area aims to regulate the use of natural resources, preserve the humid tropical forest and the flora and fauna of the area. The area also focuses on improving the development of the communities and indigenous nationalities that live within the territory. A zoning process next year will define the real conservation areas that will comprise most of the Pastaza conservation area.

PartnersNature and Culture International, Universidad Estatal amazónica, Municipal Governments, Parochial governments, Ministry of Environment
Funding AmountUSD 400,000
Initiative TypeConservation Initiative
Initiative StatusApproved the creation ordinance of the protected area currently in operation

The consortium is established with the purpose of guaranteeing the fulfillment of environmental management, focused on the administration, control and participatory management of the biodiversity and ecosystems associated with water sources in the area.

The initiative promotes the integration of decentralized governments to guide their actions and strengthen environmental management and manage participation, especially indigenous peoples in the plan of this area including programs and projects that guide the harmonious ordering of the territory.

PartnersAutonomous Decentralized Municipal Governments of Arajuno and Santa Clara as well as the Autonomous Decentralized Parochial Governments of Veracruz, El Triunfo, Tarqui, Pomona, Fatima and San José
Initiative TypeAdministrative and cooperation Agreement
Initiative StatusInitiative Signed