Aceh Indonesia

The project is financed by the EU of 6.5 million USD, with GIZ as the Executing Agency.The objectives of this project are the coordination of FMU capacity, the development of climate change campaigns in the regions as well as the need for the management of forest protection for FMU areas 1,2,4 and Tahura forests in Aceh Province.This project will run until 2019. 

Funding SourceGIZ
Funding Amount$6.5 million USD
Initiative TypeTechnical Assistance Partnership
Initiative StatusOngoing

This project is funded by the German government to the Government of Aceh for Biodiversity conservation and climate protection activities in Gunung Leuseur ecosystem.Based on the Letter of the Ministry of Finance no.S-103 / MK.7 / 2015 dated July 14, 2015 of EUR 4,194,714 Or Rp.67.115.424.000

With details:

2016 - EUR 300,000

2017 - EUR 1,429,714

2018 - EUR 1,621,000

2019 - EUR 844,000

The project focuses on South Aceh district, Kota Sebulussalam and Aceh Singkil regency, or in the district directly adjacent to Gunung Leuser Aceh National Park. 

Funding SourceKfW
Funding AmountEUR 4,194,714
Initiative TypeTechnical Assistance Partnership
Initiative StatusOngoing