Papua Indonesia

DGM Indonesia focuses on supporting activities related to the certainty of rights to land and natural resources as well as community-based and sustainable management. In addition, this funding can also be used to explore options for tenure instruments that take advantage of opportunities provided by the government (including the capacity building of indigenous peoples and local communities in carrying out selected options). In addition to the above activities, funding support for activities related to improving the livelihoods of indigenous peoples and local communities is also open to support selected tenure security options. To guarantee the participation and community ownership of the activities carried out, DGM Indonesia requires grantees to disseminate information, disseminate information to the community, FPIC or the like before implementing the project.

PartnersAMAN, Papua Institute for Indigenous Peoples Strengthening Studies (LSPK); Papua Arrow Association;, Limited Association for the Study and Empowerment of Indigenous Peoples (PtPPMA), LBBT Consortium
Initiative Typeindigenous peoples initiative
Initiative StatusImplementation

Technical training on the monitoring Forest to FMU (Forest Management Unit)

Samdhana runs a leadership program aimed at helping NGOs, certain agencies and civil society leaders to reflect on their experiences and strengthen leadership skills.Samdhana assists in leadership training and is often a long-term mentor to local leaders poured into specific activities:

  • Training on GIS-based maps (Geography Information System)
  • Information management training (Web Making KPHL),
  • Orientation training on participatory mapping of indigenous territoriesworkshop on REDD + environmental issues
PartnersSamdhana Insitute, Biak Noemfor, Conservation FMU
Initiative TypeTechnical Assistance Partnership
Initiative StatusOn-going

Realizing green development program by supporting community ownership. Environmental programs to involve local communities’ capacity to engage in green development in their areas.

PartnersICRAF, Universitas Brawijaya, and Yayasan Task Force on Low-Environment Development (YALI)
Initiative TypeTechnical Assistance Partnership
Initiative StatusIn progress

Kampung Rhepang Muaif was chosen as the location of ceremonial activities because this village was inaugurated as one of five villages promoted as spot of cenderawasih ecotourism in Papua Province.The other location is Kampong Amai in Jayapura District and Kampung Berawai, Poom and Sawendui in Yapen Islands District.

PartnersWWF Indonesia, Environmental Management Agency (BPLH)
Initiative TypeTechnical Assistance Partnership
Initiative StatusIn Progress