West Papua Indonesia

SKK-Migas and BP-Berau with indigenous peoples- customary owners will be planted with forest trees and versatile plant on degraded land of about 1320 Ha of protected forests of Bintuni Bay, Bintuni Bay that began in 2017 for 6 years up to 2022.

Currently, the process of structuring the plantation area is on-going.

PartnersSKK-Migas and BP Berau
Funding AmountRp.84.127.510.000.00 or 6 Million USD
Initiative TypePrivate Investment
Initiative StatusUnder Implementation

Production FMU- Customary Forest Community model is the Production FMU that cooperates with indigenous peoples to operate the FMU Function. The model will be conducted in the Manokwari district and it aims to fulfill the needs of local wood in Manokwari city and nearby areas as well as improving the welfare of indigenous people who have customary rights in the Production FMU region.

Initiative TypeTechnical Assistance Partnership, Indigenous Peoples Initiative
Initiative StatusIn Discussion