Tabasco Mexico

Apoyo de reforestación a pequeños productores de pino y eucalipto

SociosCONAFOR, Gobierno del Estado de Tabasco
Importe de financiación42 millones de pesos en 3 años
Tipo de IniciativaIniciativa reforestación
Estado de IniciativaEn ejecución

In Tabasco, most of the land is used for agricultural and industrial purposes (85% of the territory), with remnants of forests on 5% of the surface and extensive areas underwater (popales and tulares) or covered by wetlands with aquatic vegetation. The state government has identified 282,240 hectares of forests that must be protected from deforestation and forest degradation in the southern highlands adjoining Chiapas and in the hills of the Tenosique-Balancan region. To solve the State's REDD + problem, five activities are proposed, including landscape approaches to the conservation of carbon stocks, and the transformation of the landscape for carbon capture, and support activities to achieve a comprehensive approach in the assessment of financial needs, the design of a monitoring and evaluation framework, and the linking and dissemination. The general objective of the proposal is to decree a state REDD + strategy with an investment plan, agreed through a participatory process.

The first activity related to landscape conservation to maintain carbon stocks consists of two sub-activities; the design of a plan for the protection of carbon stocks in forests totaling 282,240 hectares, and the design of a work plan for the conservation of agroforestry systems totaling 55,990 hectares. The second landscape transformation activity for carbon capture is also made up of two sub-activities; the design of a work plan for the productive reconversion of livestock with silvopastoral systems and the design of a work plan for the establishment of commercial forest plantations with species native timber. 

In terms of the theory of change, the first work activity would result in the conservation of the collections, avoiding the processes of deforestation and forest degradation. Secondly, silvopastoral systems and forest plantations are agents that would transform the landscape from a herbaceous level to others with different strata from undergrowth to arboreal canopies.

The third activity is based on an assessment of the financial needs to know the amount, type, and possible sources of national and international financing that would be needed for the implementation of REDD + actions in Tabasco. The fourth activity is the design of a monitoring and evaluation framework to establish the baseline and quantify future REDD + actions. The last activity ensures the link and dissemination for the participatory design and the promotion of a REDD + strategy in the State.

Adding all the hectares with a potential REDD + for the state of Tabasco, would amount to an estimated 2 million hectares, with actions that could be developed in a period of 2019-2024.

SociosGovernment of the State of Tabasco - Conservation International Mexico
Fuente de financiamientoNorway
Tipo de IniciativaJurisdictional Planning
Estado de IniciativaProposal Submitted

Protección de más de 18,000 hectáreas de manglares a lo largo de la costa de Tabascos

SociosGobierno del Estado de Tabasco, Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas
Tipo de IniciativaPolítica Pública
Estado de IniciativaEn Proceso

El área de Servicios Ambientales, en pro de la Conservación de áreas naturales protegidas, reforestó 60 mil hectáreas de los pantanos de Centla y 56 mil hectáreas del Cañón del Usumacinta.

Importe de financiación35 millones de pesos
Tipo de IniciativaIniciativa de areas pretegidas
Estado de IniciativaCompletado

Instalación de cámaras de control en puntos estratégicos para detectar oportunamente los incendios

SociosGobierno del Estado de Tabasco
Importe de financiación32 millones de pesos
Tipo de IniciativaIniciativa de incendios forestales
Estado de IniciativaEn gestión

Planta para fabricar tableros de fibra de madera de mediana densidad, que incluye 12,000 hectáreas de eucualipto, teca y otras especies maderables


SociosPROTEAK (sector privado)
Importe de financiación200 mdd
Tipo de IniciativaIniciativa financiera
Estado de IniciativaCompletado

Extensionismo del Programa de Reforestación de CONAFOR. Personal operativo de trabajos de reforestación.

SociosGobierno del Estado de Tabasco
Importe de financiación17 millones de pesos al año
Tipo de IniciativaIniciativa reforestación
Estado de IniciativaCompletado