Cross River State Nigeria

Raise 36,000 hectre of fuelwood lot to enhance the sustainable provision of fuelwood across CR State.

The project has a total project value of $20,810,000. Geographically focused in the States of Cross River, Delta and Kaduna, Fuel Wood Management seeks to reduce GHG emissions from the use of fuelwood in the country’s domestic, institutional and industrial sectors through integrated and sustainable fuelwood production and utilisation, and promotion of sustainable biomass energy technologies using output-based and market-based approachesThe project is designed to comprehensively address one of the major causes of deforestation in Cross River which is unsustainable fuelwood harvesting and Delta states and land degradation and desertification in Kaduna State.The project is also designed to balance the supply and demand for fuelwood through a bottoms-up approach of leveraging private sector resources and provide inclusive financial incentives (start-up loans, matching rebate schemes) and market mechanisms for sustained market supply and demand for energy efficient stoves/kilns and certified fuelwood.

PartnersUnited Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Initiative TypeEnergy Initiative
Initiative StatusProject Inception and Scoping

Clean cook stoves & biofuels, solar and energy efficient light bulbs for over 10,000 public and civil servants.

The aim of the project is to reduce emissions from carbon-intensive cooking fuels via encouraging the use of cleaner bio-fuel cook stoves, as well as to encourage the adoption of solar energy and energy efficient lighting for domestic energy requirements. The project has an estimated cost of $ 2,000,000.00, which would be financed by the private sector organization, Avila Technologies Ltd. and implementation to be handled in partnership with the Ministry of Climate Change and Forestry. The project is designed to target well-over 10,000 senior civil servants of Cross River State at the initial stage, and to be scaled-up progressively to capture the entire 18,000 civil service workforce. Beyond the civil servants, the project is intended to ultimately capture the entire State (both rural and urban dwellers).

PartnersMCCF Avila Tech Ltd.
Initiative TypeEnergy Initiative
Initiative StatusUnder discussion

Reduce deforestation and plant 5 million trees yearly.

In 2008, the Government placed a total ban on the logging of woods in the State’s Forest Reserves. Since then,this moratorium has been in force, following the government’s institution of an Anti-deforestation Task Force that has been used to ensure compliance.On assumption of office, the Government of Cross River State, established a whole new Ministry of Climate Change and Forestry to properly deal with the issue of climate change mitigation and adaptation. The Ministry so established was given the mandate to plant five million trees yearly across the State. The Government also engaged 1,000 youths into the Green Sheriff Volunteer Scheme to aggressively combat deforestation. In 2016, the Carbon Emissions Board was established to monitor and regulate emissions within the State.

PartnersYESSO (World Bank)
Initiative TypePublic Investment
Initiative StatusInmplementation

5000 residential housing units for resettlement of displaced people of Bakassi LGA of Cross River State.

The project seeks to restore the displaced Bakassi indigenes to their original habitat and occupation of fishing and tidal fish-farming. The project has an estimated cost of about $200,000,000.00 and is funded by the Africa Nations Development Programme, ANDP, in partnership with the Cross River State Government. The 5,000 housing units is being constructed in Ikpa Nkanya village, Akpabuyo Local Government Area of the State, and will benefit the Bakassi refugees who are predominantly fishermen by occupation, thus protecting their rights and livelihoods.

PartnersANDP, CRSG
Initiative TypeEnergy Initiative
Initiative StatusImplementation (Ground-breaking concluded Construction work in progress)