North Kalimantan Indonesia
Overview of Forest Monitoring and Measurement Systems

The National Forest Monitoring System (Simontana) in Indonesia is an accurate, transparent and up-to-date provider of national forestry data. It also supports monitoring of Indonesia's Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) as it relates to the baseline forest reference emission level (FREL). The main advantage of this system is the availability of national land cover data that has been mapped since 1990 until the last update.

To ensure consistency, North Kalimantan province always refers to the data produced by the national monitoring system.

Total Forest Carbon
873 M MtC
Reference Levels and Targets
Deforestation Reference Rate
264 km²/yr 2015 - 2020
Potential Annual CO₂ Avoided
Rio Branco Declaration Deforestation Reduction Goal [1]
60 km²/yr 2020
Deforestation Dynamics Monitoring
Deforestation Rates [2]
Rio Branco Declaration based on national FREL
Ministry of Environment and Forestry 2018