Overview of Forest Monitoring and Measurement Systems

West Kalimantan Province uses the Forest Measurement, Reporting, and Verification system established by the National Government for REDD+. The MRV database in West Kalimantan Province uses Forest Reference Emission Level (FREL) data prepared by the government in 2017 as a basis for measuring performance.

The objective of the REDD + MRV system is to support REDD + implementation through measurement mechanisms, and reporting on GHG emission reduction performance by project and program implementers, as well as independent verification mechanisms aligned with UNFCCC methodology and modalities. Given this system any reduction and enhancement of forest carbon stocks can be measured accurately, and can serve as a basis for rewarding the achievement of emission reduction performance.

The Provincial Government is currently preparing for the establishment of MRV institutions needed to support REDD + implementation. The provincial MRV institutions will build MRV policies, standards, coordinate MRV activities, and ensure mechanisms are in accordance with UNFCCC decisions. MRV institutions operate independently under the coordination of the REDD + Agency.

Total Forest Carbon
873 M MtC
Reference Levels and Targets
Deforestation Reference Rate
779 km²/yr 2015 - 2020
Potential Annual CO₂ Avoided
Rio Branco Declaration Deforestation Reduction Goal [1]
156 km²/yr 2020
Deforestation Dynamics Monitoring
Deforestation Rates [2]
Rio Branco Declaration
Ministry of Environment and Forestry 2018