Overview of Forest Monitoring and Measurement Systems

Currently, the National Forestry Monitoring System Management of the National Forestry Commission is in charge of the National Monitoring, Reporting and Verification System (MRV). In this way, the SNMRV is integrated with an important database and methods specific to the national context, but which are also the basis for the estimation of reference levels and for MRV at the state level.

Likewise, the government of the State of Jalisco has several public and private entities that have useful information, as well as infrastructure and technical capabilities to contribute to the estimation of emission factors and activity data in the jurisdiction. In this regard, the Institute of Statistical and Geographical Information (IIEG) and the Trust for the Administration of the Forest Development Program (FIPRODEFO) stand out, which can provide information and technical support to the Ministry of Environment and Territorial Development of the State of Jalisco for MRV and the development of reference levels for REDD +

Total Forest Carbon
87 M MtC
Reference Levels and Targets
Deforestation Reference Rate
313 km²/yr 2016 - 2020
Potential Annual CO₂ Avoided
Rio Branco Declaration Deforestation Reduction Goal [1]
63 km²/yr 2020
Deforestation Dynamics Monitoring
Deforestation Rates [2]
Rio Branco Declaration based on National FREL
CONAFOR. 2016. Borrador de Iniciativa de Reducción de Emisiones.