Overview of Forest Monitoring and Measurement Systems

An MRV WG was formed in 2014, made up of entities from the three levels of government, academia and research centers, and civil society, with the purpose of combining efforts, capacities and resources to carry out various actions to monitor reporting and verification of GHG emissions and removals in the USCUSS / AFOLU sector to guide decision-making. In 2018 it is awaiting alignment with the national system, which is still waiting for the conformation of the reference levels. The State of Quintana ROO, through GT MRV, formulated lines of action to be implemented in the State derived from the diagnosis of subnational capacities.

Total Forest Carbon
162 M MtC
Reference Levels and Targets
Deforestation Reference Rate
185 km²/yr 2016 - 2020
Potential Annual CO₂ Avoided
Rio Branco Declaration Deforestation Reduction Goal [1]
37 km²/yr 2020
Deforestation Dynamics Monitoring
Deforestation Rates [2]
Rio Branco Declaration based on National FREL