Laws [1]

Law 99/1993 — General Environmental Law of Colombia, established: i) Ministry of Environment (now the the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible; MADS)) and its functions, ii) environmental management emphasizing sustainable development, iii) National Environmental System (Sistema Nacional Ambiental; SINA), and others

Law 139/1994 — Created the Forest Incentive Certificate (Certificado de Incentivo Forestal; CIF) to propel commercial forestry plantations in Colombia through subsidies encouraging forest planting

Decree 1791/1996 — Designates three categories of resource extraction: i) One-time (único), ii) Ongoing (persistente), and iii) Domestic (doméstico)

Decree 900/1997 — Established the Conservation Forest Incentive Certificate (Certificado Incentivo Forestal de Conservación) intended to finance non-commercial forestry projects

Decree 3012/2005 — Created the Roundtable for Amazon Indigenous Peoples

Decree 4600/2011 — Creates the Single Window Forest

Resolution 222/2011 — Strengthens integral management policy for use of forest resources

Law 1450/2011 — Implements the 2010-2014 National Development Plan; Enacted four climate change strategies, including the National Strategy for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation (ENREDD+) and the first Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) in Colombia

Resolution 1527/2012 — Allows activities of low environmental impact that generate social benefit to be developed in forest reserve areas

Resolution 1277/2014 — Zoning and ordering of the Amazon Forest Reserve

Decree 1071/2015 — Sole Regulatory Decree of the Agricultural, Fisheries and Rural Development Administrative Sector

Law 1844/2017 — Approves the Paris Climate Agreement

Resolution 353/2017 — Determines the national average value of establishment and maintenance costs per hectare of planted forest for the year 2018

Decree 1655/2017 — Modifies the Sole Regulatory Decree of the Environment and Sustainable Development Sector, establishing the organization and functioning of the National Forestry Information System, the National Forestry Inventory and the Forest and Carbon Monitoring System they are part of the Environmental Information System for

Resolution 1259/2018— Presentation of information on REDD + initiatives

Policies and Plans