Law 2014-427 – Forest Code clarifies the nature and management of the various types of forest, and the Ministry of Water Resources and Forests has started setting up a forest consultative body whose purpose will be to define the new development policy for Ivorian forests

Law 2014-451- Guidance of the general organization of The Territorial Administration - Defines responsabilities of decentralized governance. Local and regional authorities are responsible for the participation of local people in the management of local affairs; Promotion and realization of local development; The modernization of the rural world; Improving the quality of life; The management of terroirs and the environment. The jurisdiction of regions versus districts is still not fully clear.

Decree No. 2012-1049 of October 24, 2012 – Created SEP-REDD+ and established the foundation for national REDD+ processes.

Law 98-750 of 23 December 1998, modified by law of 28 July 2004 - establishes the basis for land tenure in the Ivory Coast

Policies and Plans

National Strategy for Climate Change, 2015-2020 - aims to establish by 2020 a sustainable socioeconomic framework that integrates the challenges of climate change in all sectors while also striving to improve the population’s living conditions and resilience.

National Development Plan (2016-2020) - Adopted in December 2015, seeks to advance economic progress. The national government has committed to 'greening' the planand incorporate REDD+ into sectoral policies.


Permanent REDD+ Executive Secretariat (SEP-REDD+) - structured under the responsibility of the Ministry of the Environment. The SEP REDD+ is the coordinating entity for the REDD+ process in Côte d'Ivoire, (including, planning, mobilization of financial resources, and technical support for the country’s REDD+ readiness process).

National REDD+ Commission (CN-REDD+) – Multistakeholder committee convened by The Ministry of the Environment, Urban Sanitation, and Sustainable Development (MINESUDD)

Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI) – responsible for overarching agricultural policies and promoting zero deforestation agriculture

Ministry for Environment, Urban Sanitation and Sustainable Development (MINESUDD) – hold primary mandate for environmental management and is the implementing agency for REDD+

Ministry of Water Resources and Forests (MINEF) - responsible for management of forest in the rural domain

SODEFOR - responsible for management of gazetted forests