Laws, Policies and Strategies

Strategies and Policies

Regional Forest Plan (PRDF 2013-2032) - establishes a vision and the strategies for the restoration of forest resources and environmental services.

Master Plan of the Dry Forest Regional Conservation Area Salitral - Huarmaca, 2017-2021- A planning document for the the first protected natural area of Regional Administration in the department of Piura - The Regional Conservation Area Bosques Secos Salitral - Huarmaca. The plan seeks to develop and promote practices for the sustainable use of dry forest resources that ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem and the valuable objects of conservation that houses.

Regional Environmental Action Plan Piura 2016 – 2021 – Intended to be a long-term regional planning instrument, formulated on the basis of the Regional Environmental Policy and Regional System of Environmental Management. The plan contains the priority environmental goals for a six year period for the region and has an objective to improve the quality of life of people, ensuring the existence of healthy, viable and functional ecosystems in the long term, the sustainable development of Piura, through prevention , protection and recovery of the environment and its components, the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, in a responsible and consistent manner

Regional Development Plan 2016-2021 - This development plan includes a goal "to promote and execute actions of territorial management (ordering, demarcation and cadastre) at the regional and local level", with an indicator of success that includes "percentage of progress in the meso and micro processes of the ecological economic zoning of the department of Piura ".

Regional Action Plan to Combat Desertification and Drought- Approved through Regional Ordinance 286 - 2014, the plan seeks to provide political guidelines for the effective management of the fight against desertification and mitigation of the effects of drought in the arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid areas of Piura.

Regional Strategy for Biological Diversity- approved through the Ordinance Regional Ordinance 279-2013-GRP / CR. This strategy has five objectives: To conserve, recover and reduce threats to biodiversity and priority ecosystem services for the region; sustainable use and equitable distribution of the benefits derived from biodiversity; generate awareness of the value of biodiversity in all population groups; integrate and increase scientific knowledge about the region's biodiversity; and strengthen and articulate institutional capacities for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

Laws and Regulations

Ordinance 392/2017 – Approves the Master Plan of the Dry Forest Regional Conservation Area Salitral -Huarmaca, for the period 2017-2021, as a higher-level planning document to develop and promote practices for the sustainable use of dry forest resources that ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem.

Ordinance 378/2017 - Approves the regional environmental agenda 2017 – 2019 - the Regional Environmental Agenda 2017-2019, prepared by the Regional Environmental Commission, is a management instrument of a cross-sectoral nature of mandatory compliance for the treatment of environmental issues in the region in the short term, conservation of natural resources and improvement of quality of life, in order to achieve sustainable regional development in four (04) fronts: a) Front of Biodiversity, b) Environmental Quality Front, c) Environmental Governance Front, and d) Climate Change Front.

Ordinance 346/2016 - Approves the Regional Environmental Action Plan of Piura within the framework of the Regional Environmental Policy.

Ordinance 316/2015- Approves the Policy Guidelines for the Territorial Planning of the Piura Region. Entrusts the Regional General Management, in coordination with the Regional Management of Natural Resources and Environmental Management and the Regional Center for Strategic Planning - CEPLAR, with the implementation of this territorial planning.

Ordinance 286/2014- Ordinance that approves the regional action plan to combat desertification and drought

Ordinance 261/2013- Ordinance that approves the economic ecological mesozonification of the piura department

Ordinance 274/2013 - Ordinance that modifies the regulations of organization and functions - ROF of the piura regional government, including the function of issuing environmental certifications

Ordinance Regiona 249-2012-GRP - Creates the Regional Program for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Forest Heritage -Norbosques based on a previous program focused on dry forest

Regional Ordinance No. 224-2011 / GRP - Approves the Regional Strategy on Climate Change and raises five objectives: identification of vulnerabilities and adaptation measures, improvement of decision-making processes at the policy level, promotion of clean energies and processes, as well as energy efficiency, integrated water management in the Chira-Piura basin, research and oriented towards the implementation of information and knowledge measures on climate change.

Regional Ordinance 147-2008 - Establishes the Regional System of Conservation of Natural Areas of Piura-SRCAN is created in charge of the management and monitoring of regional conservation areas, private conservation areas, and other conservation categories.

Regional Decree No. 006-2006 - Approves the Regional Policy on Environmental Education. There are 4 strategic objectives that imply the achievement of environmental awareness in population and institutions improving knowledge, skills and practice

Institutional Framework

Regional Management of Natural Resources and Environment Management - Formulates, proposes, directs, executes, and administers the regional policies related to protected areas and environment in accordance with regional and sectoral plans.

Regional Management of Economic Development - Formulates, proposes, directs, executes, and administers the regional policies related to agriculture, mining, fishing, energy, and tourism in accordance with regional and national plans.

Regional Committee against Illegal Logging, Timber Trafficking and Transport- group to coordinate to reduce illegal logging consisting of 7 public institutions and led by the Piura government. The group has developed an interactive map of illegal logging in Piura and is developing mechanisms for sustainable development of forest resources in farming communities through the formation of local Forest Management Committees.

Zoning and Spatial Planning

Piura has developed an Ecologic and Economic Zoning at the meso level (scale 1/100,000), which has been approved through Regional Ordinance No. 261-2013-GRP-CR .

Currently, ZEE is being applied as a guiding instrument for decision making and sustainable management of the territory, taking advantage of the potential and minimizing the risks for the benefit of the population. In this sense, they are articulating the EEZ to other territorial management instruments such as the Concerted Development Plan.

Additionally, in this department four (04) micro-EEZ processes (1/25 000 scale) have been executed in priority areas of the provinces of Ayabaca, Huamcabamba, Morropón and Sullana, with resources from the Budget Support Agreement Euro Eco Trade

Both the zoning study and map are available for download.

Engagement and Participation with Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

In accordance with the Law of Campesinos No. 27908 and its regulations approved with Supreme Decree N ° 025-2003-JUS, and after meetings held by the Assembly of Campesinos in Piura, the Government of Piura approves 30 of March 2011 Regional Ordinance No. 205-2011 / GRP-CR declaring the "Rondas Campesinas" as "Protectors of the Páramo Ecosystem". The Regional Government also approved Regional Executive Resolution No. 082-2006 / GRP-PR, which established the approval of the "forest and wildlife registry on lands privately owned by the state and peasant communities" within the jurisdictional scope of the Piura Regional Government. This was later used as precedent to approve the creation of the Regional Program for the Sustainable Management of Dry Forests - Norbosque Piura through Regional Ordinance No. 130 - 2007 / GRP-C R.

In conjunction with CIPCA, the Regional Government of Piura promotes a "space for dialogue and coordination, with the communities and peasant patrols for the implementation of a regional policy to promote the rights and well-being of the communities and peasant patrols."