Ikhtisar Sistem Monitoring dan Pengukuran Hutan

The national Government is working with support from the UN-REDD Program to strengthen the capacities of the national forest monitoring system. Technical support in terms of personnel, equipment and training has been provided for the development of the pillars for the construction of the national forest monitoring system:

  • For the forest inventory pillar, an inventory of forest biomass has been made and the country-specific emission factors for deforestation have been determined. The methodology of this first pilot inventory should be used for the planned National Forest Inventory in the course of 2018.
  • For the spatial monitoring system of land, forest dynamics mapping (1986-2000-2015) was carried out thanks to the support of the UN-REDD Program. SEP-REDD + & MRV cell continues to work on the maps in order to refine them and finalize them in 2018.
  • For the FREL, the reference level has been developed and the country is organizing to make the different FREL produced at the national level coherent for the different official reports to be produced for the country.
Total Karbon Hutan
7 M MtC
Tingkat Referensi dan Target
Laju Referensi Deforestasi
CO₂ Annual Tahunan Potensial Dihindari
Rio Branco Declaration Deforestation Reduction Goal
Pemantauan Dinamika Deforestasi
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